Want To Invite Wild Birds To Enjoy Your Trees In The Spring? 3 Ways To Get Started

Enjoying wildlife right outside your windows can be a great way to unwind at the end of a stressful day and even encourage you to spend more time in your yard. If you're eager to make your yard a more welcoming space for wild birds to come by, you need to look into what kinds of changes you can make that will help your yard feel more inviting. Fortunately, most of the positive changes you can make to your yard include the help of tree service professionals. The following tips can all help make the trees a more welcoming place for any wild birds to call home.

Clear Out Any Weak Branches

One thing that could discourage birds from spending time in your yard and building nests in the trees is weak branches. With springtime finally arriving, there may be some parts of the trees in your yard that need removal. Some branches could be weak from the wind hitting them, making it important that these weaker branches get trimmed down. This will leave only the stronger branches and make it much more tempting for birds to come call the yard their new home.

Trim Out Any Excess Brush

Birds may not be interested in landing on any of the trees in your yard if they have a lot of built up brush. Dead leaves, weak branches, and even debris could be in the trees in your yard after a rough winter, making it a good idea to bring in professionals that can take care of trimming down the trees around your home. With the removal of some of the excess brush on the trees, they will not only look much nicer, but they can also be a more appealing place for birds to set down roots.

Add a Birdhouse at a Safe Height

When hanging a birdhouse in a tree, many people make the mistake of hanging it much too low. This leads to predators, such as cats, being able to reach the birdhouse and harm the birds inside. When doing tree services, it's a much better idea to have the birdhouse hung up much higher than you originally planned. This will help ensure that the birds are safe and that the birdhouse will be out of harm's way.

Taking your time to plan out the necessary tree services will ensure that you're able to do your best at bringing in birds to enjoy your yard. To learn more, contact a company like Rivas Tree Service.