Get Tree Removal Professionals On Your Side Before The Storm

Whether you're concerned about hurricane season or tornado season, heavy winds and rains can bring devastation that interrupts daily life and impedes progress for many days after the storm hits. Downed trees, cracking limbs, and exposed roots can be hard to handle without the right tools, but a tree removal team can handle the issue while you take stock of your household and/or business. Here are a few things to consider as you make emergency plans, including a great, professional partnership with a tree removal team.

Weather Doesn't Follow Human Rules

Although you can plan around past storm patterns and common storm trends, nature is under no obligation to follow the expectations of even the best weather scientists--especially when situations such as landslides, coastal damage, and accelerated erosion are products of erratic human behavior as well.

The year 2017 saw an early start to tornado season, but the bigger surprise is that the major damage is usually isolated to a single season per year. Although there are always a few sporadic tornadoes in different parts of the country, 2017's winter is seeing a second tornado season with a heavier cluster of tornadoes. These aren't just one-off twister touchdowns; it's a whole new set of major problems.

Although situations such as the Dust Bowl can be avoided with lessons learned (and punishment appreciated) from past devastation, there are still multiple modern risks that have yet to show a devastating impact. Whether it's your local area becoming a perfect spawning point for super tornadoes due to development, or dealing with more debris because of uncovered construction sites, you can get ahead of problems you can't control with enough planning.

Tree Removal And Debris Management Planning

One mistake that many people make is calling tree service teams for the first time after a storm hits. Tree removal services are absolutely glad for the business, but remember that everyone in the area is in need—so much that many crews of smaller companies are contracted to visit other counties and states where the problem hits the hardest.

To protect your best interests, get information about who is staying behind and working your local area before disaster strikes. Get your name on the top of the list to get serviced on a first come, first serve basis. 

You're essentially waiting in line for a task that could take minutes if it's just one tree, or hours if there's a lot of debris to pick up. When dealing with hazardous debris such as sharp glass, jagged metal, spilled chemical waste, or even downed power lines, removal teams may need to work with power companies and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) teams and will need warning in advance.

Contact a tree removal service professional, like those at Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc, to get a team tasked to your area before the phone lines are tied up after a disaster.