3 Reasons Why You Should Cut Down Your Dead Tree ASAP

Do you have a dead or dying tree that you've been ignoring all summer long? Is your current plan to simply leave it there and to deal with it in the future, perhaps next year? Trees can be beautiful, even in death. It can become all too easy to become attached to the aesthetics of a particular tree and not want to cut it down just in case it comes back next year. But you can't keep putting this off indefinitely. There are quite a few reasons why you should have the tree cut down by a professional as soon as possible, including the following.


A healthy tree is naturally more difficult for most insects to infest. The bark provides a tough outer layer that exudes sap and other substances to deter insects. Once the tree dies, the tree becomes a buffet for any wood-eating insects who happen to come upon it. Since there was no tree removal this spring or summer, your tree could currently be hosting a colony of termites or carpenter ants. When allowed to grow undisturbed like this, the colony could next move on to attacking any healthy trees still on your property or even to your actual house.

Falling debris

Dead branches break from a tree much more easily than living ones. With a living tree, even the strongest of storms may not be able to blow any branches from the tree. Without tree removal, the branches of a dead tree soon become brittle and may break free at any time, potentially without strong winds. The larger the branch is when this happens, the more likely it is that this debris will cause damage on the way down. If your insurance company learns that the damage was caused by a tree that you should have had removed already, they may refuse to pay and will leave you on the hook for the cost of repairs.

New tree

Maybe your old tree was perfect — it was just the right shape, in the right spot, and provided just the right amount of shade. Ignoring it and looking at it wistfully isn't going to bring your tree back. Nothing will, unfortunately. But what you can do after the tree removal process has been completed is plant a brand new tree in the old one's place. It may take several years for this new tree to reach maturity and for it to have a place in your heart so the sooner you get started on this the better.

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