How To Determine If A Tree Is Dangerous

If you have a bunch of trees on your property, it is important to know how to assess the quality of the trees and determine they are dangerous and need to be removed. You don't want to keep dangerous trees on your property. Knowing how to determine if a tree is dangerous will help you know when to call in a tree removal service for help removing a tree. 

Check Out the Entire Tree 

The first thing you need to do is stand somewhere so you can glance over the entire tree. You want to be able to see the tree from top to bottom. That means standing far back from the tree so you can take in the entire picture. 

As you look at the tree, check the lean of the tree. Is the tree leaning in one direction? Can you see damaged branches hanging from the tree at odd angles? Do you notice leaves that look more damaged than they should be?  

If the tree is leaning at an odd direction, it may need to be removed. If the tree has damaged branches, you may need a tree removal company to come and remove the damaged branches, and determine if the tree needs to be removed. 

Check Out the Ground Under the Tree 

Second, you need to check out the ground under the tree. Take a look at the roots that you can see. Above ground, you can often see anchor roots that give structure and strength to the tree. If the roots look damaged or like they are rotting, that is a serious concern. If the tree roots are rotting, the tree will not be able to support itself and will eventually fall over. You want to hire a tree removal service to remove the tree before that happens.  

Check Out the Truck 

Finally, check out the trunk of the tree. The trunk of the tree should be covered in bark. If you notice that the trunk of the tree is missing most the bark, is split down the middle, or has other cracks and cavities that don't look natural, the tree may be dying or may be suffering from a fungus infection. A tree removal company will let you know if the tree can be saved, or if it needs to be removed. 

It is relatively easy to quickly inspect a tree to determine if the tree is dangerous. You have to visually inspect the tree from afar and up-close. If a tree seems dangerous, or if you are not sure if a tree is dangerous, get a tree removal company out to your property as soon as possible to inspect the tree and determine if the tree needs to be removed.