Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Tree trimming is essential for the health, aesthetics, and growth of trees. Tree services eliminate dead or dying branches and prevent the risk of branches falling on things and damaging property or injuring people.

Many homeowners are tempted to think they can save money by trimming trees without professional help. However, it is advisable to hire a tree trimming service for the best results. Here are some mistakes homeowners make when trimming trees.

Wrong Timing

There is a suitable time for trimming trees. For example, in the summer, if you trim branches that are facing west, the sun rays can scald the tree. Also, you should not wait for the tree to be overgrown before trimming.

Additionally, trimming when certain insects are active will attract them. Trimming at the wrong time will also affect fruit production. Usually, non-blooming trees should be pruned during winter, whereas blooming trees should be trimmed during spring. It is crucial to leave tree trimming to an arborist because they know the right time to do it.

Improper Cuts

Another common mistake people make when trimming is making improper cuts. Cutting too close to the trunk will injure the tree. It will also affect the aesthetics of your yard because the bark of the tree will have an uneven look.

Improper cuts also attract fungus, pests, and disease. Also, wrong cuts can cause the trunk to split or a big branch to fall abruptly. To avoid all these risks, hire an arborist to make flawless cuts that enable the tree to recover and retain its beauty.

Excessive Pruning

Trimming too much is a big mistake. You should prune less than 20 percent of a tree's foliage in a single fell swoop. Aim for 8 percent of the tree's foliage.

Excessive pruning affects the tree's ability to bear fruit and support itself. Additionally, raising a significant portion of the canopy is known as the lion's tailing. This makes your tree look ugly and throws off the aesthetics of your yard. Tree experts practice structural pruning, which leaves the tree intact without affecting its structure and reproductive health.

In Conclusion

Trees are the centerpiece of many beautiful landscapes. However, if they are not well maintained, they could make your yard look distasteful. One of the most crucial tree maintenance activities is tree trimming. To ensure the health and beauty of your trees, you should assign an arborist to trim your trees. 

For more information, contact a tree service that offers tree trimming in your area.