Growing Season Is Over: Why You Still Need A Landscape Service This Winter

If you haven't arranged for winter landscape service, now's the time to take care of that. If you're like many homeowners, you cancel your landscape service as soon as the cold weather settles in. That decision can leave your yard without protection. Your lawn might not need service during the winter, but there are other areas of your yard that will need care. If you're not sure that you need landscape service this winter, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to hire a landscape service for the winter. 

Monitor Irrigation System

Once winter arrives, you'll need to shut down your irrigation system. This is especially important with regard to freezing temperatures. If you haven't disconnected the irrigation system, water can freeze inside the pipes. If this happens, it will do more than rupture the irrigation pipes. 

Ruptured irrigation pipes could cause serious water damage in your yard. That's why you should hire a landscape service this winter. They'll winterize your irrigation system. They'll also provide continuous monitoring for leaks. 

Protect Delicate Plants

If you have delicate plants in your yard, they'll need protection during the winter. Some of them may need to have covers placed on them. That's where hiring a landscape service this winter becomes beneficial. Your landscape service will ensure that your delicate plants have the protection they need to survive the winter. That way, you won't need to replace them come spring.

Remove Ice and Snow

If you're tired of clearing ice and snow from your yard, now's the time to hire a landscape service for the winter. A landscape service can provide ice and snow removal services during the winter. This service will protect you and your family from slip and fall accidents. But, it will also protect your sidewalks and driveways from damage. 

Safeguard the Trees

If you want to protect your trees this winter, you'll need a landscape service to provide the care. During the fall, your trees lose their foliage. But, they will still need protection from freezing temperatures. Some of the services your trees will need include pruning, and wound care. But, your landscape service will also inspect your trees for winter-related diseases and pests. If you planted saplings this past spring, they'll also benefit from a landscape service. 

Don't leave your landscaping without protection this winter. Instead of tackling the work on your own, hire a landscape service to take care of things for you. 

For more information about landscaping services, contact a local company.