Why You Should Consider Organizing An Annual Tree Care Service To Preserve Your Garden’s Most Important Feature

When it comes to your garden, the first feature or features that most people will immediately be drawn to are your trees. Whether they are huge and tower over the entire house or more delicate and slender, there is no doubt that trees are the most noticeable feature in any garden. If you want to ensure that your trees remain healthy and do not prematurely age or develop issues that could threaten their health, then you might want to consider organizing an annual tree care service. Here are a few reasons why this service is so useful, even if you think your trees are perfectly healthy. 

Prevent The Spread Of Disease

You might not realize this but trees can and often do develop a multitude of different types of diseases. In most of these diseases, the tree can survive on its own, but it will either affect the continued growth of the tree or slow it down significantly. A full tree care service involves diagnosing any ongoing conditions and beginning remedial treatments to try and stop the spread while also addressing the symptoms, whether it be related to the roots, bark, leaves, or all of the above. Without proper care for these diseases, many trees will never reach the same heights they once did in their prime and will begin a slow but inevitable decline.

Healthy Pruning

Trees need to be pruned if they are to remain in good health, and that is a fact that has been well-known in horticulture for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Pruning your trees stimulates regrowth and that, in turn, helps your tree to keep developing and investing in its own survival, rather than slowly becoming lazier and lazier until it simply starts to fade away and die. Pruning also helps keep your trees manageable and looking very neat and tidy indeed, especially for trees that are on the smaller side that can grow to look quite crazy within just a year.

Protect Your Home

One of the main reasons why you should always book a tree care service every year is so that you can ensure that the trees in your yard do not even threaten your home or the utilities that are connected to it. If, when the tree care specialists arrive, they can tell that your tree is developing some branches that could potentially fall and break your windows or your power line during a thunderstorm, they will immediately take steps to prevent this. Tree care services provide the tree itself with all the tools it needs to survive and thrive for another year, but it also helps keep your home safe too. 

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