Brown Rot: How Does It Affect Your Peach And Plum Trees?

If the fruit of your nectarines and plum trees begin to rot, you may fear that something's very wrong with your trees. Your fruit trees may have brown rot. Brown rot develops from a fungus called Monolinia fructicola. The fungus attacks the fruit and flowers of nectarine, plum, and other trees of the "stone fruit" family. Without intervention, brown rot can spread and infect other fruit trees. Here's more information about brown rot and how you can stop it. Read More 

Tree Trimming Vs Pruning: How They Differ & How Both Benefit Your Home And Your Trees

If you just moved into your first home and now have trees to take care of, then it is important to understand how proper tree maintenance benefits both the health and beauty of your trees and the health of your home. If you are just learning the basics of tree upkeep, then you may have come across the terms "tree pruning" and "tree trimming" and wonder if they are just two ways to express the same idea or not. Read More 

Diagnosing And Treating Root Rot And Avocado Black Streak In Fruit-Producing Avocado Trees

The avocado is a delicate and sensitive tree. Even when growing in its natural environment--South Central Mexico and several other tropical locations in South America--an intense flood, cold snap, or drought can damage its delicate leaves, as can poor soil quality. This delicate nature causes many homeowners to shy away from growing them, even though they can be grown successfully in certain areas of the southern United States. If you've been struggling to grow your own avocado tree, help is on the way. Read More 

Carpenter Ants And Old Tree Stumps: What Should You Know About Them?

If you find numerous large, red-black or black carpenter ants on the inside or outside of your home, you may wonder where they come from and how can you get rid of them. Carpenter ants tend to live in places associated with decaying, wet wood, such as old tree stumps. The pests use the stumps as homes for their colonies but can also travel great distances to reach other structures and food sources. Read More 

Two Ways To Tell If A Tree Is Dead

If you think that you may have a dead tree on your property, then it is wise to remove the tree. Dead trees can attract pests, cause damage from falling branches, and they can make your property look generally unappealing. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell if a tree is actually dead or not. Consider the following tips and hints to help you investigate the state of your trees. Read More