Three Ways To Make Money While You’re Clearing Your Wooded Land

If you own a tract of land with lots of woods, and you're looking to clear it so that you can build a house, then you have a great opportunity to make some money. All of those trees are worth quite a bit of money in the right hands. The important thing to do is to plan out what you want to do with the trees before you start clear-cutting the property. There are a few different ways you can go about it; here are three things you might want to do with your trees.

Sell Full-length Logs To A Timber Service

The simplest way to deal with all of the trees is to contact a tree removal company, such as TimberMen Tree Service, and have them come in and clear-cut the entire property.The tree cutters will either use chainsaws or skid steers with large saw attachments. They can cut all of the tress that are on your property. At that point you can contact a timber company and tell them that you have full-length trees to sell. If they are interested, they will send in a truck and they will load the trees.

Saw Trees To Log Length For Homeowners

If you want to maximize your profit, and you have the time to work your property, you might want to saw the tree trunks to log-size lengths. When you sell firewood to a private homeowner or restaurant, you are going to make more money than when you sell the large, uncut logs to a timber company.The one thing to keep in mind is that you will need to cut the long tree trunks into small size lengths. This means you will need to use a chainsaw to cut trunk into small-size lengths, as well as use a splitter.

Homeowners who heat with firewood need it small enough to fit inside of wood-burning stove fireboxes (so logs will need to be quartered, which is done using a splitter). If you don't own a splitter, you can always advertise your firewood as "chunk," which is the term used for split wood. It will fetch a slightly lower price than split wood, but you don't have to bother using an electric wood splitter to quarter the wood, so you save quite a bit of time during the processing.

Mulch All Of The Short Branches

All of the debris on your property can be used to make fine wood chippings. You can gather all of the branches up and stack them in a corner of your yard. A wood chipper is a fast way to get rid of these branches. You can rent them for the day if you don't own one. The branches are fed through the top of the chipper and the big sticks are turned into fine wood chips. You can then bag these or sell them by weight to people. You can place an advertisement in your local flyer advertising fresh wood chips for sale. People will use these as mulch for their garden plots or for their walkways and garden beds.