3 Things You Should Know About Ticks

Have you found a few ticks on your dog or crawling around in your house? Although ticks bites are not usually harmful, there is still the possibility of them spreading diseases. The risk of getting a disease from a bite basically depends on if the tick is carrying one or not. You might want to get your dog and property treated as soon as possible to prevent the problem from becoming an infestation. Take a look at this article for some helpful information about ticks and getting your pet and property treated.

Why Your Dog Must Be Treated

Your dog must be treated because he or she can keep ticks around your house if not. When ticks are able to crawl around on your dog, it allows them to get what they need to survive, which is blood. The bad thing about ticks on a dog is that there can be a large amount of him or her without your knowledge. The ticks can hide beneath your pet's mane, especially if he or she has a lot of hair. Your dog can possibly end up with a disease that is passed from the ticks, and the ticks can affect your health in such a way if they bite you as well.

How Your Property Will Be Treated

The first thing that an exterminator will do is inspect the interior and exterior of your house. The inspection will allow the exterminator to find out where the ticks are located, as well as determine which species they are. He or she will then treat your property by spraying the areas that ticks are most commonly found. For instance, tick control companies will likely pray your grass and bushes with a chemical that can kill the ticks. The inside of your house might also be sprayed if there are a lot of ticks found.

How to Prevent Ticks from Coming Back

When it comes to the inside of your house, it is important to make sure that any holes on the drywall are sealed up. Ticks can hide inside of tight spaces such as the wall cavities until they are able to find a host to feed on. If your grass is tall and full, you might want to start keeping it cut low, as it can help with air circulation and prevent too much moisture. There are some species of ticks that are unable to survive without moisture. An exterminator can give you other tips for keeping ticks away from your property.