Signs It’s Time To Have Your Trees Trimmed

Since trees grow wild when they're in the woods and seem to do okay, you may not realize how important it is to have the trees on your property trimmed regularly. If you lose a mature tree in your yard, it might detract from your property and even lower its value. Even worse, a damaged tree could fall over and cause costly property damage to you or a neighbor. These are good reasons to have your trees trimmed properly, and here are some signs that it is time to do so.

When New Growth Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

The time to train the way a tree grows is when it is young and small. So, if you notice limbs headed for your roof or a power line, have the tree trimmed and trained to go in a different direction. If your trees are already mature, you'll want to watch them closely if they are near your house. Tree branches rubbing against an asphalt roof can cause a lot of damage. You may need to trim smaller branches away every year unless you call a tree service company to remove larger limbs that hang over your roof.

If You See Damage Or Disease

Another time your tree needs to be trimmed is when there is a lot of damage from a storm or if it has a disease that is killing some of the branches. Damaged branches can tear the bark, which can cause the tree to be vulnerable to infestation from insects and fungus. Therefore, damaged branches and limbs should be cut off properly. Also, diseases can spread throughout the tree and even from tree to tree if your tree develops a disease. You may want to have the tree examined by an expert before you start cutting on it if it is sick. Treatment with chemicals may be a better approach, and you might make the tree weaker if you cut away at it improperly.

When The Tree Doesn't Look Stable

One advantage to trimming trees when they're young is that it is easier to cut away limbs that grow off at odd angles. If you wait until the tree is mature, you may have to deal with cutting off a major limb to keep the tree stable. You should call a tree service to check your tree if it has a big limb that isn't counterbalanced by a big limb on the other side. A tree like this could be more vulnerable to toppling over in a strong wind or heavy rain that loosens the soil.

While these are good reasons to call a tree service to trim your trees, you might also want to have work done simply to improve the appearance of the tree. A tree that is well-groomed improves the appearance of your property. Plus, when the inner branches are thinned out, more sun can filter through to the flowers and grass below. Trimming can keep the trees healthier in addition to making them more attractive. Plus, it could save the tree from succumbing to disease or falling over. Completely removing a tree is more complex and costly, and you might be able to avoid it by having the tree trimmed when it needs it. Contact a tree service like The Tree Lady Company for additional information.