2 Ways To Get That Tree Stump Off Your Property This Summer

If you have a tree stump on your property that you just can't stand, this summer, set aside a weekend to remove that tree stump from your property. Here are two easy ways that you can undertake to remove a stubborn and old tree stump.

#1 Dig It Out

The most effective way to completely remove a tree stump as well as the surrounding roots is by digging out the tree stump. If you want this done quickly, you'll want to purchase a small backhoe so you can dig out the dirt around the stump. You may need to keep an axe on hand to break up the strong tree roots that you encounter around the tree stump. Once you have removed enough dirt from the area, it is just a matter of pulling the tree stump out and carrying it away.

If you don't rent any construction equipment, you can also dig the tree stump out by hand. If you dig it out with a shovel, you'll want to wet the ground to make it easier to cut through with your shovel. You may also want to have a wheelbarrow so you can easily haul away the dirt that you dig up. This can take some time, but is a tried and try method that should allow you to remove the stump once you dig deep enough around it. Remember to keep that axe handy to break up large tree roots that are holding the stump in place.

#2 Burn The Stump

You can also burn the stump. If you decide to go this route, you need to make sure that it is safe via local fire safety ratings for you to burn the stump.

To burn the stump, you'll just want to put twigs and other branches around the stump and use it as your base for an outside fire. You may also want to chop into the stump as much as possible, so the fire can really get down into the stump.

When you do this, you need to make sure that you are outside supervising the burning of the stump the entire time. You should also clean up any debris around the stump before you start a fire. It is a good idea to rake up the debris around the stump and dig a dirt line around the stump as well. The dirt line will help keep the fire from spreading.

You should also have a water hose hooked up and nearby so you can put out the fire if it spread for any reason. Be aware, you may need to burn the stump a few different times before it totally burns down, especially if the stump is rather large. 

Contact a service contractor, like Nelson Tree Company, for more help.