Have A Dead Tree In Your Yard? 3 Reasons You Need To Have It Removed

If you've got a problem tree in your yard, it might be time to have it removed. Having a tree removed can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you planted it as a sapling. Unfortunately, hanging on to tree for sentimental reasons can cause you serious problems later. Here are three reasons you should say goodbye to that problem tree.

It's Become a Pest Magnet

If you've got a dead tree in your yard, it's just a matter of time before it becomes a pest magnet for every wood-boring bug in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of those wood-boring creatures are going to do more than chew away at your dead tree. They're going to start chewing away at your home, too. Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and even squirrels will be attracted to the dead tree in your yard. Once they're in your tree, they're going to find their way to your home, where they'll wreak havoc. You can prevent the problem by having your dead tree removed as soon as possible.

It's a Safety Hazard

Once a tree dies, the root system begins to decay. Not only that but the branches and trunk begin to deteriorate too. When that happens, your tree will no longer be safe in your yard. As the tree weakens, the roots will give way, causing the tree to tip over. One strong wind could cause the entire tree to topple over onto your house. If the branches are large enough, they could cause significant damage to your home, or injure you, if they came crashing down out of the tree. If your dead tree is beginning to tip over, or you're noticing small branches falling from the tree, it's time to have it removed.

It's Diseased

If your tree died due to a disease, that infection could spread to other nearby trees. That means that all the healthy trees in your yard, or your neighbor's yard, could be infected by the disease that killed your dead tree. To prevent disease spread to nearby healthy trees, you should have your dead tree removed immediately. If you're noticing signs of disease in your nearby trees, you should have them inspected for infection.

If you have a dead tree in your yard, don't take chances, especially if you're noticing any of the signs listed above. Talk to a tree service, like Todd's Tree Service Inc, about having your dead tree removed as soon as possible.