Four Basic Tree Care Tips

The large trees that are spread around your property can be very majestic plants. While trees are very durable and have long lifespans, it is possible for them to fall victim to improper care. When homeowners want to keep their trees looking healthy, there are several things that will need to be done.

Protect The Root System

The roots of your trees are essential for both providing the plant with water and nutrients while also helping to anchor it to the ground. As a result of these important roles, you should be extremely careful when doing things that could damage the roots. This will include tasks such as digging near the trees or parking too close to them.

Trim Diseased Branches

Your trees will have very elaborate networks of branches. Unfortunately, these branches can easily suffer seemingly mild damage that can lead to them becoming severely infected. Once a branch has become diseased, you should have it trimmed immediately to prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy areas of the tree or other trees nearby.

Be Careful With Fertilizer

Over the years of your tree's life, it will gradually remove nutrients from the soil, and this can slow the tree's growth and ability to heal itself. In order to combat this issue, you will need to add fertilizer to the soil to help supplement the deficient nutrients. However, you can severely damage the tree if you add too much fertilizer to the soil around it as this can kill the roots.

Due to the difficulty of measuring the current nutrient concentrations and calculating the amount to add to the soil, it may be a safer option for you to hire a tree care service to perform this work for you. Luckily, fertilizer programs for trees are a long-term effort, which means that these professionals will only need to visit your property every few months to monitor the condition of the tree.

Avoid Placing Large Bushes Near Your Trees

When you are making decisions about where to place new plants, you should be aware of the problems that can arise when placing large bushes near existing trees. The bushes can directly compete with the tree for minerals, nutrients, water, and root space. This competition can result in both of these plants have reduced growth. When choosing plants for your property, most retailers will be able to provide you with information about the root space needed for their plants so that you can be informed when placing these plants.

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