A Tree Service Specialist May Be Able To Save Your Tree From Termites

Termites are likely the most destructive and frightening pests that you can find in your yard. When they get into your trees, they are likely to do everything they can to bring them down. Thankfully, you can get help from a tree service specialist to potentially save your tree from these pests.

Trees Naturally Attract Termites To Your Home

While termites will happily infest your home and destroy it as much as they can, they are truly at home in trees. In these totally wooden living beings, they can feast as much as they want and create gaping wounds in your trees that will severely threaten their lives. This fact is true if your tree is one that is particularly pleasing to a termite's appetite.

And while trees can withstand a little damage from a termite, they cannot withstand sustained feeding. Eventually, a tree's health will start to suffer and it may even die. The scary thing about this situation is that a tree won't give many signs of being dead and could go on supporting termites for several months, suffering more damage, and eventually falling over.

Managing This Issue

The first step in this process is to try to save the tree by treating it with termite pesticides. These will destroy these disgusting vermin and get them out of your tree. You must then inspect the health of your tree, including the strength of the trunk and overhanging limbs, to ensure that they are sturdy. If you find that there are any holes that bore all the way to the core of the tree, you may be in serious trouble.

That's because these holes are likely to let in bacteria and other contaminants that threaten the life of your tree. While you can get a tree service specialist to cover these holes with putty and treat the infections, too many of these holes likely mean that your tree has to go. However, you may be able to cut off specific limbs and other parts of the damaged tree to avoid total loss. Many people aren't willing to give up on a tree that has been in their yard for generations. 

The trick here is to call a tree services specialist and to have them do the inspection for you. They will be able to spot subtle signs of damage that you might miss and can give you a feel for whether the tree can be saved. Most of the time, unfortunately, a tree devastated by termites is removed from your yard to protect your home and your family.