Stumped by Dead Tree Stumps? 4 Tips to Deal with Headaches After Trees Are Gone

Once your trees are gone, you are left with waste and the remanence of trees that can sometimes be a headache when it is in landscaping that needs to be maintained. The tree stumps can be nightmares that leave unsightly additions to your landscaping and problems like sinkholes when they rot away. The following tips will help you with the problems that stump you when trees in your landscaping are dead and gone:

1. Treat Stumps Naturally to Allow Them to Rot and Provide Nutrients to Soil

The easiest way to get rid of a stump is to let it naturally rot away, which can take a long time. To speed up the process of the stump decaying, drill holes in the stump and put salt or a stump treatment in them. Be careful if you use salt because it can affect the soil and kill healthy plants in your landscaping that are near the rotting stump.

2. Burn the Stump Down Quickly and Start Repairing Your Landscaping

Another option to get rid of a stump on your own is to burn it down. This can be done by covering it with landscape clippings from trimming and burning them on the stump. To make the stump burn faster, cover it with a metal barrel with a hole in the bottom and feed the fire lawn maintenance waste to burn.

3. Hire Stump Removal Services That Grind Stumps Down Repair Landscaping and Soils

Another option to deal with the stubborn stump is to contact a tree service for stump removal. They will come with special grinding equipment that cuts the stump, mills it into sawdust and turns the area where the stump was into the soil that can be replanted to repair landscaping. This is the fastest and most practical solution to get rid of stumps if you have plans for landscaping renovations and other outdoor projects.

4. Cut Stumps Low in Forested Areas to Allow Them to Naturally Rot and Provide Habitat for Wildlife

The trees that you have removed may be in a forested area or where they do not bother you as much. The stump sticking up out of the ground may still be unsightly in these areas, which is why you may want to cut it as low to the ground as possible. You can then leave the stump to create a wildlife habitat for insects and animals. This solution can naturally breakdown the stump and provide valuable nutrients to the soil of forested areas.

These are some tips that will help you deal with some of the problems that stump you when the trees are gone, and you are left with an ugly stump. If you need help with dealing with waste and stumps, contact a tree service to help chipping waste and removing stumps to renovate your landscaping when trees are gone.