Why Tree Trimming Should Be Done

One of the best ways to care for the trees on your property is to have them trimmed by professionals regularly. Regular tree trimming can help preserve the life of each tree and prevent certain problems that are known to affect tree health. Here are some of the main reasons why you should have your trees trimmed.

Disease Treatment and Prevention

Any branches that are affected by diseases can be trimmed to preserve the rest of the tree. If these diseased branches aren't trimmed, the disease could spread to the trunk and roots and kill the tree. Having your branches trimmed regularly can also keep diseases from developing on them in the first place.

New Growth

Dead or diseased branches could inhibit tree growth. By trimming away problematic branches, each tree will be able to grow new, healthier branches that will help promote greater longevity. Trimming your trees will be especially good for their crowns, which can become thin and inhibit new growth if dead or diseased parts are present.

Pest Reduction

Overgrown trees can attract more pests, which can ultimately be harmful to the trees. Termites and other animals that are known to chew through wood can congregate in larger numbers and cause more damage to a tree that has branches that should be trimmed. Overgrown trees can also attract more of the pests that try to get into your home and cause other damage to your property, and tree trimming services can help minimize pest populations.

Increased Safety

Trees that aren't trimmed regularly could pose safety hazards. Branches that should be trimmed but are instead neglected are more prone to breaking off from a tree and falling, which can cause harm to people and other structures on your property. Branches may even fall onto your home and damage your roof or gutters. If a tree on your property still poses a safety risk after trimming, tree removal services may need to be arranged.

Avoid Disputes with Neighbors

Overgrown branches may extend over your property line, and this can create conflict between you and your neighbors. You may even be legally obligated to pay for damages to a neighbor's property that occurred because of overgrown branches on a tree that should have been trimmed. If you live next to a park or another public space, tree branches that grow over your property line could land you in trouble with your city or homeowners' association.

You can save yourself a lot of extra trouble by having your trees trimmed whenever needed. Professional tree trimming services are available to save you from having to do the strenuous work yourself.