How Addition By Subtraction Keeps Trees Healthy

People are often surprised to learn just how effective processes like tree pruning and stump removal can be in protecting the trees on their properties. After all, how can getting rid of stuff make a property healthier? Oftentimes, it ends up being a case of addition by subtraction. Let's look at why that's frequently the case and how the trees on your property may benefit from it.

Reducing Infestation Risks

Finishing off dead trees on a property can make a huge difference. Perhaps you had to cut a tree down because high winds damaged it too much. You might be tempted to save some money by leaving the stump, especially if it's in an out-of-sight part of the property. However, stumps can serve as staging areas for insect infestations that might spread to healthy trees. Asking a stump removal services provider to help is a good way to eliminate this risk.

Energy for New Growth

Pruning tends to promote growth in trees approaching their limits. A tree only has so much energy to commit to growth, especially if it lives in a tough environment. Consequently, working with a tree pruning services company will allow you to restart the growth of the plants on your property. If you're seeing trees with brown extremities, for example, they may need some pruning to eliminate their weaker points and funnel energy to the stronger ones.

Visual and Physical Balance

Trees don't always grow in the most uniform of manners. You may see this where trees are bunched together, the wind hits them, or the sunlight is uneven. A tree tends to adapt to its environment, but this can leave it unbalanced. In the best scenario, this makes the tree look goofy. In the worst scenario, the tree may be at risk of falling or losing large branches because it's overweight to one side.

Improving Available Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to grow. If a property has a lot of old trees, especially ones that are unhealthy, in the way, you won't be maximizing the benefits of the sunlight. Pruning can get trees away from each other, encouraging more light to get through.

This is especially important if you want to plant short trees near existing tall ones. A big tree is going to hog the sunlight if it is in the wrong spot. Pruning it can open things up and give the shorter tree a fighting chance.