Signs You Need To Hire A Tree Removal Professional

While trees add beauty to your properties, they can also pose a hazard to your loved ones, buildings, power lines, and other trees. In that case, such trees have to be removed by an professional—such as Artistic Arbor Gardens Inc. So, how can you tell that a particular tree needs to be cut down? Here are the most common signs you should look for.

The Tree Is Sick

Trees also fall sick, and sometimes they spread the sickness to other trees. Instead of risking the health of other trees, you might want to get rid of the sick tree. Besides, a sick tree can rot from the inside without you noticing. You'll only know that the tree was sick or rotting when it falls on your roof or any other structure.

So, if you ever notice a sick tree, call an arborist to determine whether it needs to be removed or if it can be cured.

The Tree Is Leaning

If a tree begins to lean after heavy winds, a hurricane, or a heavy rainstorm, you will want to call a tree removal expert. The tree might look strong, but it's only one storm away from collapsing on your property. Remember that a tree will only lean because its roots have been weakened and no longer has a strong foundation. So, never ignore such a problem as it might turn disastrous in the near future.

Dead or Dying Tree

Just like any living thing, trees also die. It can be due to sickness, pest infestation, old age, or other factors. You can tell that a tree is dead or dying if the branches and leaves have withered or dried off. If you suspect a tree is dead, make a deep cut to check whether the trunk and bark have any sap. Dead trees shouldn't be left on a property because they'll attract termites and eventually fall off when you least expect it. 

Hollow Trunk

Healthy trees should have solid trunks. Unfortunately, some trees can grow to have hollow trunks, which isn't good. A cavity in the trunk can weaken the tree and make it susceptible to storm damage. So, if you notice a tree with a hollow trunk, call a tree removal expert to cut it down before an accident happens.

Decaying Roots

Trees depend on their roots to draw nutrients and water from the ground. So, if the roots begin to decay, the tree can eventually die or rot. Therefore, you should check how the roots are fairing to ensure you aren't missing something. If you notice the roots are in bad shape and are smelling musty, call a tree removal service immediately.