Reasons To Avoid DIY Tree Removal

Trees are a great addition to your property because they complement the features of your landscape. However, if your trees are leaning, diseased, or damaged, you may need to remove them. If this is the case, you may want to remove the trees yourself to save money and time. That said, you should know that this step may prove counterproductive, especially when you fail to complete the task safely. On the other hand, a certified arborist can inspect the tree and the felling zone to ensure safe removal. Below are reasons to avoid removing a tree yourself.

Unnecessary Tree Removal 

You can easily decide to remove a tree in your yard from a visual evaluation. That said, you may invest effort in removing a perfectly healthy tree, which will affect the surrounding biodiversity. Therefore, it is best to go with a tree removal service, as the experts will conduct a tree assessment to determine whether the tree's condition necessitates removal. Additionally, this evaluation provides a basis for a site-specific risk assessment on whether the tree is safe to access. 

Council Fine

Tree removal in some localities requires council approval. This ensures the preservation of urban forests and the unnecessary removal of beneficial trees. As such, the local council imposes rules and regulations on tree removal, requiring licensing to undertake the procedure. Given this, you may incur heavy penalties for removing a tree yourself. On the other hand, an arborist will liaise with the council for an on-site inspection to provide a comprehensive report. If the report conforms to the guidelines on tree removal, they will issue a permit to commence the removal.

Personal Injury

Tree removal is an intricate and dangerous process as the tree fellers incorporate sharp cutting tools over high heights. As such, you can easily slip out of the harness if you are unstable and injure yourself. In addition, a lack of expertise in cutting branches at an angle may create fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. Further, you can fall and touch an overhead electric line or sustain injury from falling branches. 

Damage To Property

Removing a tree yourself excludes the need for tree assessment and site evaluation. Consequently, you may fail to secure the felling zone or steer clear of any obstacles. Note that this may result in extensive property damage if the tree falls in the unintended direction. Furthermore, your insurer may fail to compensate you for the damages because you did not take reasonable measures to remove the tree.

Tree removal is a time-consuming and intricate process. Thus, you should leave the task to an arborist who will inspect and safely remove trees from your yard.

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