Have Trees In Your Yard? Signs One Or More Needs To Be Removed

Trees offer many benefits in a yard. They provide shade to you and may shade your home. They can also make your landscaping look even more beautiful. There may be times, however, when you need to have one or more trees removed. Keep reading to learn more so you will know what you should do. 

Near a Septic Tank

If you install a new septic tank system and there are trees near it, these trees may need to be removed. This is because some trees have wide root systems. The roots may spread and hit the septic tank and pipes causing them to crack and cause other damage. 

Some common trees with wide root systems include maple, beech, birch, willow, and ash trees.  There may be times when a tree service can remove a tree and then replant it in another area. This will depend on how old and large the tree is, however. 

Decayed or Damaged

If you notice the trees are decayed or damaged, they may need to be removed. There are many signs you can watch for, such as dead branches, cracks in the tree trunk, extra bark peeling, and other types of damage on the truck. Dead branches can easily fall and cause injury to someone or a structure. A tree also may be dying due to decay and may fall, especially if you have a strong windstorm. 

The tree may have a fungal disease, such as seeing a lot of mushrooms growing near the tree. You may also notice leaves are falling or wilting, There may be canker sores on the tree or the tree may not bud and grow normally. There are some funguses that will spread and may kill healthy trees in your yard. A tree removal service will remove the tree and ensure all debris is taken away to prevent this from happening. 

Tree Has Root Rot

It can be hard to determine if a tree has root rot as the roots are hidden. There are many signs that this is happening, however. The tree may not be growing normally, the branches may be decaying as well, or the canopy may be much thinner than it normally is. Root rot will eventually kill a tree so it must be removed. 

If the problem is found early, however, a tree service may be able to save your tree with aggressive treatment.  The service will inspect the tree to determine if this will work. 

Talk with the tree removal service to learn of other reasons why you should remove one or more trees on your property.