4 Questions To Ask When Deciding Which Tree To Remove

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your landscaping is to thin out some of the trees in your yard. This lets in more sunlight and air circulation, which allows the other trees and plants to grow better. The following questions can help you decide which trees to remove. 

1. What Is the Tree's Proximity to Structures?

Tree roots can damage foundations and sidewalks, while overhead branches can crash down and put a hole in a roof. Trees that are so close to your home that the larger main limbs overhang it, even after pruning, are good candidates for removal. Those that are within 10 to 15 feet of the foundation, especially if they are larger shade tree varieties, should also be considered for removal.

2. How Healthy Is the Tree?

Sometimes the easiest way to choose a tree for removal is to simply look at its overall health. If mushrooms are sprouting from the trunk, for example, then the internal fungus is slowly killing the tree. Trees with weeping wounds or lesions, extreme bark loss, and lack of foliage are also in poor health. Insect infestations or diseases that can't be treated should also raise red flags about the tree's health. Unhealthy trees are weak and more likely to pose problems later on.

3. Will the Tree Place Other Trees In Danger?

An often overlooked risk is trees that are bunched too closely together. If one tree goes down, then it may pull its neighbors down with it. Another issue is trees growing clumps tend to be weaker and less healthy than those with plenty of space to grow. Thinning out the clump may mean getting rid of one or more trees, but the trees left to grow will be much more likely to survive in the long run.

4. Is the Size of the Tree Suited to the Space?

Size does matter, both the current size of the tree and its expected mature size. Trees that will grow tall, for example, shouldn't be placed under power lines. It is better to remove such a tree sooner rather than later. Don't just consider the space the crown takes up. You should also consider the root system — you wouldn't want a tree variety with a large surface root system growing a few feet from a sidewalk. The roots will eventually destroy the pavement. 

Contact a tree removal service in your area if you would like more help.