Remember Your Neighbors When Removing A Tree

Removing a tree from your yard is a big deal in most cases. While the removal of a small tree in the middle of your yard might not have much of an effect, a large tree, especially one on the border of your property, can leave your neighbors with some issues after its removal. Even if the removal is absolutely necessary, you want to soften the blow to neighbors who may find themselves dealing with unwanted sunlight or unstable ground.

Warn Them About Increased Sunlight Exposure 

The most likely issue is that the neighbors' yards and homes will now have more sun exposure. That could be beneficial, especially if this is morning sunlight. But if the removal of a tree from your yard will let hot afternoon sunlight shine over the next-door neighbors' yard, they'll need to adjust their watering and plant care schedule to ensure their garden doesn't end up scorched. They likely planted items assuming they would have that shade forever. Warn them ahead of time so they can make plans to keep their garden alive.

Be Careful if the Root Removal Leaves Gaps Under a Fence

Tree roots (that aren't taproots) can spread out underground, with some of those roots sneaking under the fence that divides your properties. If you remove a tree on your property and have the stump taken out, you could be pulling roots out from underground next door. That could create a gap under the fence if the surface soil collapses. It could also make surface soil unstable even if it doesn't collapse. Tell the neighbor, and perhaps offer to help fill in the gap to ensure all looks well on their side once the stump and roots are out.

Was the Tree Diseased? Let Neighbors Know if They Have to Get Their Trees Inspected

If you're removing your tree because of a disease, and the neighbors have trees on their side of the fence near yours, warn them now to get their trees inspected. Removing your sick tree removes the pathogen that was affecting that tree, but the pathogen could have spread to other trees nearby. It's only right that you tell your neighbor to have their trees checked immediately so that they can save them.

A tree removal service can help you get that tree out of your yard quickly, and they may have additional advice for dealing with neighbors. Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.