Things To Consider When Preparing Your Land For Construction Of Other Uses

Land clearing is often necessary before you start any construction or development on a land parcel that has been sitting unused. The land may have trees, rocks, and foliage growing on the land that limits its use, but hiring a land clearing service to clean up the land and get it ready for your project is a good place to start. 

Land Assessment

Before any land clearing begins on your property, it is essential to have an assessment done to determine the extent of the clearing necessary. The materials you want to remove can affect the type of land-clearing service you need and the techniques they will use to remove debris from the area. 

Land with trees and brush is easily cleared with common equipment, but if you have a lot of rock on the parcel, you may need to find a service that can break up and remove the rock or use explosives to blast large rocks into smaller, more manageable pieces. 

Knowing what you are dealing with before the work starts is essential, and the land-clearing service you are considering should look over the project and then give you an estimate that outlines the necessary work and costs.

Environmental Impact

During the assessment, you must consider the environmental impact of any work done to clear the land of debris and vegetation. Removing some ground cover and materials can make the area more susceptible to runoff ad erosion and damage the land. 

It is essential that land clearing is done correctly and that any additional work is completed to protect the environment. This can mean putting in retaining walls to support a hillside or adding drainage to mitigate runoff and erosion. 

An experienced land-clearing service can help you deal with any potential environmental problems and walk you through the options you can use to fix them. Changing the slope of a hillside or adding an erosion cloth to the land can sometimes be enough. However, other times more aggressive measures are necessary.  

Local Regulations

When doing any land clearing, it is vital to check the local regulations to ensure you comply with them. The zoning for the property can impact your use and can change the land-clearing operation completely. 

If you are clearing land to build on, you need to check to ensure you can use the land for commercial projects or if you are limited to residential structures. Discussing your project with the local code enforcement office is a good starting point and can help ensure you will not run into problems after land clearing and development begins.