The 411 On Eastern Red Cedar Trees: Planting And Maintenance Guide

Trees are valuable additions to your landscape design. While the added appeal is obvious, trees are also capable of increasing home value and providing shade and insulation that helps with energy efficiency. Of course, some trees are more beneficial than others, since they grow up to incredible heights and widths that create appeal, value, and shade. The Eastern red cedar tree is an excellent option for your home. Even though it is common and easy to plant and maintain, most homeowners do not know where to get started with this tree. Read More 

Storm Damage Risk Signs In Your Landscape

No one wants to experience exterior storm damage from falling branches or toppling trees, yet many people aren't aware of the risk factors that can lead to such damage. By knowing what to look for when doing routine maintenance in the landscape, you can catch potential problems before damage occurs. The following guide can help you learn what types of landscape issues to watch for. Deadwood Dead or dying wood in a tree canopy is a major cause of storm damage, particularly for trees that overhang buildings or are within several feet of a structure. Read More 

Get Tree Removal Professionals On Your Side Before The Storm

Whether you're concerned about hurricane season or tornado season, heavy winds and rains can bring devastation that interrupts daily life and impedes progress for many days after the storm hits. Downed trees, cracking limbs, and exposed roots can be hard to handle without the right tools, but a tree removal team can handle the issue while you take stock of your household and/or business. Here are a few things to consider as you make emergency plans, including a great, professional partnership with a tree removal team. Read More 

Understanding Some Misconceptions About Pruning And Trimming

If you have many trees on your property, then you may want to ensure the good health of the plants. This is one reason why it is a good choice to prune your trees. However, there are some things about pruning that some people believe that are actually quite detrimental to the health of your trees. Keep reading to learn a little bit about these things, why they are unlikely to assist your trees, and what you should really be doing. Read More 

Four Basic Tree Care Tips

The large trees that are spread around your property can be very majestic plants. While trees are very durable and have long lifespans, it is possible for them to fall victim to improper care. When homeowners want to keep their trees looking healthy, there are several things that will need to be done. Protect The Root System The roots of your trees are essential for both providing the plant with water and nutrients while also helping to anchor it to the ground. Read More